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To pay by check please make check payable to "Art of Living Foundation / Dollar a Day". Mail donations to the following address:

Care for Children,
2401 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

501(c)(3) Letter
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What can your Donations Do?

  • Develop education infrastructure - classrooms, libraries.
  • Provide transportation - buses.
  • Solar Power Installations for electricity.
  • Provide each student with
  • Balanced meals
  • Regular medical care
  • Education materials like textbooks
  • School supplies
  • 3 sets of uniforms
  • Salaries for school staff.
  • Develop surrounding villages
  • Vocational Training for parents
  • Organic Farming techniques
  • Education materials like textbooks
  • Tree Planting
  • Free Medical Camps

The Art of Living Foundation is a non profit charitable educational and humanitarian organization 501 (c) (3). The Care for Children program is an initiative undertaken by the Art of Living Foundation. Any contributions made to the Care for Children program are fully tax deductible. For donations made online, tax receipts will be emailed to your registered email address. Paper tax receipts will be mailed to your registered home address once annually. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter "Smile Times" to provide you with updates on our projects.

The financials of the Care for Children program are fully audited. The program has an administrative overhead of 5%, i.e. 95% of the donations made to the program go directly to the schools operated by the Care for Children program.

The Care for Children program operates schools in rural and tribal areas of India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Africa where government schooling may not be available. Private schools, if any, may be too expensive for the parents too afford. By donating even the equivalent of a dollar a day, you can transform the life of a child living in such areas. Your support allows Care for Children to provide these children with:

  • Proper school infrastructure - classrooms, libraries, playgrounds for physical activities
  • Balanced meals during the school day
  • Regular medical care
  • School supplies like note books, pencils etc.
  • Education supplies like textbooks
  • 3 sets of uniforms
  • Bus transportation to and from the school
  • Salaries for school staff such as principals, teachers etc.

Additionally Care for Children also develops communities around its schools. We do this by providing:

  • Vocational Training for the parents of these children
  • Free medical camps for the community
  • Tree planting and reforestation
  • Organic Farming so as to improve crop yield